05 January 2010


As you can see from the first two pictures below, Tosh has grown. He's still got some of his grey, downy feathers under his wings and his eyes are still black rather than red, but he looks like a grown up bird now.

He's now at the stage where he's trying to fly. I let him out of his cage in our spare room each day and he tries to fly toward me. He flies about a foot, then runs the rest of the way. Then he stands in front of me and flaps his wings like crazy. It's quite pleasant on a hot day, having a little fan like that.

It won't be long before we put him out in the aviary with the bigger birds, where he'll be able to fly whenever he wants. Then once he's ready he'll be released. Going on past experience though, I don't think he'll go far.

We've had a bit of rain here just lately, which has made everything nice and green. In fact I can hear one of the neighbours mowing their lawn right now. On Sunday it absolutely bucketed down. We'd just got back from visiting Donna's parents and this is what we found near our back verandah.

It's a wild one, but could be one that we've had in care before. He just sat there looking up at the sky the whole time the rain came down. It was almost as though he was praying to the rain gods. He wasn't the only one either, there were several more sitting in one of the other trees, all looking skyward.