30 November 2010

Hello? Is there anyone there?

It's been so long since I last posted a blog entry (January 5th to be exact), that I'd be surprised if anyone other than followers or subscribers will be reading this.

What have I been up to that's stopped me blogging all year? Well it's mostly been uni, which I finally finished a couple of weeks ago. I'm just hanging out for the final results for this semester, then I'll be able to call myself a BSc.

We're still looking after wildlife. Remember Tosh, the baby lorikeet we were raising? We still have him in care along with Posh, another lorikeet that we hand raised. The two of them rule the roost in the aviary. They'll soon be joined by Errol, who came into care this season at two weeks old and is now flying. We're now mentoring a couple of new carers, which takes some pressure off of us. ne of them is getting most of the baby Tawny Frogmouths in the area now. She raises them to a certain age, teaches them to feed themselves, then they come to us for their final stage before release in the big aviary.

Workwise, I've pretty much been working six evenings a week since exams finished, filling shelves in a supermarket. It's only three or four hours a night, but it's physical work, so it's keeping me in shape. It beats sitting at a desk all day, that's for sure. There could be a new chapter starting as far as work is concerned too. I've reached the third stage of getting a job as a trainee observer with the bureau of meteorology (I always have to slow down to type that word). If I get the job, it will mean a move to Melbourne for training, then I could be posted anywhere in Australia, or even Antarctica. Considering it's the first job I've applied for in over 20 years, I'm amazed I've gotten this far. Don't let anyone tell you age is an obstacle.

There's lots more I could tell you, but I think I'll save them for future blog entries. I have a bit of a backlog of things to blog about now.